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Myotherapy – Pain Management & Movement

Bookings now available with our 2 Myotherapists Lucinda Richards & Taryn Brunette Harris

Do you have stiff joints, persistent deep nagging pain, numbness/tingling/pins and needles, arthritic,sore tight muscles and stress related pain?

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain and related conditions.

The Aim of Myotherapy?

To improve circulation and strength to the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue fascia. To educate you to understand more about your body and empower you with the tools to get you moving and feel great!

What to expect from your first Myotherapy Consultation?

The more we know about you and your body, the better we are able to support you. Therefore, at least half of your first visit will be spent going through a thorough medical history and orthopaedic assessment.

Please bring along any Xrays, blood results and/or a list of any medications you are taking.

Expect to be 100% actively involved in your treatment process.

Myotherapy Treatment Techniques

Our treatments are personalised to support your specific needs and goals

– Dry Needling

– Joint mobilisation

– Trigger Point Therapy

– Myofascial tension technique

– Myofascial Cupping

– Taping – Rock Tape

– Hot and Cold Therapy

– Electrotherapy – TENS

– Corrective Exercise

– Muscle Stretching

Myotherapy can support the treatment of

– Tendonitis

– Carpal Tunnel Sydrome

– Lower Back Pain

– Headache/Neck Pain/ Migraine

– Muscle Sprain/Strains

– Wry Neck


– Nerve Impingement

– Frozen Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries

– Bursitis

– Pre/Post Natal Care

– Groin/Hip Pain

– Poor Posture

– Occupational Injuries

Consultation Fees
Initial Consultation – (Up to 1 Hour) $120

Follow Up Consultation Fees

Long Consultation – (Up to 60mins) $110
Standard Consultation – (Up to 45mins) $95
Short Consultation – (Up to 30mins) $80

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